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Welcome to Aardvark Auto Glass! If you are in need of automotive glass repair, including fixing window regulators and full window replacement, please give us a call today at (480) 221-8335 or click here for a complimentary service quote. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards; plus we offer up to $100 cash back with insurance billed / replaced glass. Continue reading to learn more about our windshield replacement service.

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Aardvark Auto Glass Window Repair, Replacement & Regulators

Please select from the following services offered at Aardvark Auto Glass to learn more.

Window Replacement Service

Auto Glass Replacement

At Aardvark Auto Glass we only use OEM quality glass, ensuring each of the windows we replace is done so utilizing the best product on the market. For further details and to request a free window replacement estimate, please click on the following button.

Window Replacement

Window Repair Service

Vehicle Window Repair

Not all cracks or chips are cause to have you entire window replaced. Sometimes it can be more economically practical and quicker to repair the damaged glass; assuming, of course, the structural integrity is not compromised. Please click on the button to learn more.

Window Repair

Window Regulator Service

Window Regulator Fix

If your door window won’t roll up or down, you might have a broken regulator. Regulators are the devices that allow a window to open and close, either with a crank handle or with an electrical switch. We fix all types of regulators at affordable rates.

Window Regulators

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